Вечность мгновения

Mermaid top

Mermaid top - Ariel

Mermaid top

Mermaid brand : Katrin Rusalka

Dear Вечность мгновения, I am from the Budapest Festival Orchestra. We really liked the illustrations you shared (illustration book “Духи вод”) and would like to use one of them in a program booklet for our up-coming concert. Could you send us a hi-res version of the one in the second row on the left (white woman)? Is there a chance you could send it today? Thank you in advance!


Простите, что пишу Вам на русском языке, ниже текст на английском с помощью онлайн переводчика.

Автор иллюстраций мне неизвестен, данные работы были опубликованы в русскоязычной книге “Духи вод” 1996 года, сама книга есть у меня в электронном варианте (ссылка http://vk.com/doc-653580_147552829)


Forgive that I write you in Russian, the text in English by means of an online translator is lower.

The author (artist) of illustrations is unknown to me, these works were published in the Russian-language book “Spirits of Waters” of 1996, I have a book in electronic option (link http://vk .com/doc-653580_147552829)